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Cooking with Knorr Indian Soup

I will always cherish the smells of Indian food wafting from the kitchen, it takes you back to cooking together, enjoying big family dinners & celebrations. I like to enjoy the same flavours in non traditional ways too like adding a base of onions, garlic, & Indian spices to soups to punch up the flavour. It’s the cornerstone of Indian cooking that has been passed down for generations. My Mom just felt soups needed that extra step to create a heartier soup and it works. That’s what I am so excited to be a brand partner with @cookwithknorr! They have proudly released new soups - they come in a variety of Indian flavours! Even better news is they are made right here in Canada with quality ingredients & now available at your regular local & Indian grocery stores.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing my favourite lunch recipe with Knorr Indian soup! Come on Canada, cook with me & Knorr Indian Soups! @cookwithknorr #partner #ad

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