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How to get spa result at home - my at home facial

As we head into our third wave right now, we should be staying home to flatten the curve - here are my favourite products to get glowing skin at home! Welcome to @pinkorchidstudio story posts called ‘Quarantine Diaries' for step by step instructions on how to do my weekly at home facial - check out the highlights section to follow me through the process. All recommended products can be found at

Step 1 : Steam your skin for 15 minutes using a face steamer (I have one in my shower)

Step 2 : Use the @clarisonic_ca Face brush and @neutrogenacanada Hydro Boost cleanser to exfoliate

Step 3 : Use the blackhead extractor as demonstrated

Step 4 : Apply the @drunkelephant C Firma Serum and followed by @freshbeauty Seaberry Moisturizing Oil

Step 5 : Go to sleep and wake up with glowing hydrated skin!

We are all sheltering in place while trying to flatten the curve, and for that THANK YOU!

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