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Investing in Today’s Market

Looking for ways to scale your income, grow your wealth, and reach your personal goals?

Real estate investing has long been a strategy to increase your income. However, in today’s market is it something you should consider?

Let’s look at the facts -

⚫ If we identify a cash-flowing property you buy with the intention to rent out, you could see passive income every month.

⚫ Rental rates are continuing to rise and renters are still looking for places to call home

⚫ While interest rates are higher, they are still lower than decades in the past and you can refinance later

⚫ There is more inventory available to choose from to find a profitable investment

⚫ You can hold on to the property longer and gain equity over time which will lead to a higher return if you decide to sell later

Depending on where and what type of property you purchase, there is opportunity for you!

It just pays to work with the right agent to help you find it.

So, let’s have a conversation about what an investment strategy would look like for you in today’s market and in the future.

Reach out to me at - 604-961-6242.

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