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Air Cadets for Kids RCAF

What does it mean to be Canadian? It means we belong to a place that values freedom, democracy, social equality, opportunity, and the beauty of Mother Nature. We've been so fortunate to travel the world over, and with that experience we realize we live in one of the most beautiful cities on this planet. We are so proud to be Canadian and are proud parents of a @rcaf_arc Cadet 🇨🇦

The Air Cadets are a proud non-profit whose mission is to promote and encourage the nation’s youth to develop and maintain an interest in aviation, leadership and citizenship, in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces and other organizations. The Air Cadet League has been in operation since 9 April 1941. With the generous help of sponsors, donors, and volunteers, the Air Cadet League helps provide fun and innovative ways for youth to make a difference in their community all while learning about aviation. Their youth graduate from the air cadet program feeling confident and armed with skillsets that will last them a lifetime.

Learn more about what they do do and what they can offer you with this unique youth experience but hitting the link below.

Thank you Canada and thank you to Canadians that risk their lives abroad to preserve our wonderful way of life.

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