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The Covid Dilemma - Online VS In Person School

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Jiorne & I had a quick chai with Ish from @darpanmagazine @ishkets over @zoom_video_communications about the covid situation, online schooling, and if we plan to return to school anytime school. As with most of you I’m finding it to be challenging at times to play Mommy & Teacher (cook, cleaner etc) and have found an ever deeper respect for our teachers @pacificheights_learns. At the Manns, Pinder & I are sharing all responsibilities, the kids have chores at home too. Are we planning to go back to school? We have discussed that for our family - we are not returning to school until there is a vaccine for Covid 19. We can’t risk the health of our loved ones at any cost. Ish Massee also asked Jiorne what he missed the most - he said he did miss his classmates but we have become closer with our neighbors and their children and have a found new community & friendships there. The world isn’t the same and we are all adjusting as best as we can. Head over to @darpanmagazine to see the full conversation.

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